Books, Glorious Books

I’m in the final stages of rewriting a YA manuscript. I’ve been at it since March. One thing I’m soooo looking forward to when I get that over and done with is tackling this tower of books to read. I bought most of them on my recent trip to the US (I had to buy an extra cabin bag, too). There are 17 titles here, not counting Stephenie Meyer’s BREAKING DAWN, which I’ve almost finished. That’s my incentive book–I’ll revise/rewrite two chapters in my book, then read a chapter of Stephenie’s latest as a reward.

The others are stacked in no particular order, but I think it’s wise to start with MANAGING TIME from the Harvard Business School Press…


3 thoughts on “Books, Glorious Books

  1. Hi, Sara and Kiki! I forgot about the other stack of TBR books in my living room. I should go on another holiday so I can read them all…Which one book should I tackle first?

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