The Seven-Year Itch

This week I left the company I worked for after almost seven years. Aside from being paid to watch The Bold and the Beautiful, I’ll miss my wonderful colleagues.

Just because I resigned doesn’t mean I won’t ever see them again, though. All I have to do is hang out at YouTube. Here are two of my former workmates, Gibson and Belinda, who are also actors. Gib’s in the Nintendo ads, or TVCs as they’re called in the biz, while Belinda is Tall Jan in the All-Bran cereal ad.

And here’s lovely Belinda as Tall Jan. (She really is tall). Belinda recently starred in the Sydney production of My Name is Rachel Corrie.


3 thoughts on “The Seven-Year Itch

  1. Vanessa – I’m the same with former workplaces. I miss the colleagues but I do still keep in touch. Not as often as I’d like though. Good luck with your new endeavors.

  2. Hi, Eleni! Lovely to see you here. Thanks for your good wishes. Nothing like having a great bunch of friends at work to make the day go faster!~ Vanessa

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