Stack of Macs

I never considered myself much of a collector…until I cleaned out my study today and realised I have a veritable Apple Mac museum.

At the bottom of the stack is my very first computer, the Apple PowerBook 180. It has a grayscale display and the memory of a calculator. (Okay, it was far more powerful, and one of the best computers you could get at the time.) The keyboard is actually one of the most comfortable I’ve ever used.

When the Internet age dawned, it was time to upgrade to the black PowerBook G3 made famous by Carrie Bradshaw. My then boyfriend (now husband; you can see why I married him) bought it for me. I’ll never forget the day he surprised me with it–he’d opened a Word doc and typed the immortal phrase, “Meanwhile, downtown…” I started and finished my first novel on that computer.

Fortunately, I never suffered the motherboard problems Carrie endured. But then the little white iBook G4 laptops came along. They were far more alluring than a pair of Manolos. At this stage, I was struggling with a repetitive strain injury and had to use voice recognition software. The old PowerBook just didn’t have enough RAM to run the program. On the iBook I wrote my second, third and fourth books.

And then came the aluminium (aluminum, for those of you in the US) MacBook, pictured at the top. I’m hoping to get a few more novels out of this little beauty.

I’m off to work on book six, but I’ll leave you with more pics from the collection.

Oldest to youngest.

Mr Authorness’s MacBook Pro (second from the right) joined the line-up for this one.

They just look so pretty from all angles, don’t they?

7 thoughts on “Stack of Macs

  1. Love your Mac museum!!! They’ve always been good looking notebooks haven’t they 😉 Having just purchased my first iMac, the next step would be to get a MacBook * sigh * One step at a time.

  2. Yes, apart from being so easy to use for computer dummies like me, I love them because they’re drop-dead gorgeous! Enjoy your new iMac, Eleni!~ V

  3. I have serious, serious Mac envy right now.I’ve never had a laptop of any kind, but my first computer was an iMac, and it was the best thing ever. It’s still alive, I hear, being a brave little server for someone else across the world…

  4. Aw! What colour was it? We had a Bondi Blue iMac. I have no idea what we did with it. We certainly didn’t turn it into a cat bed.

  5. Eleni, my cat uses my computer as a bed, anyway. No need to do any expensive conversions!Sara, I think you deserve a Mac. 😉

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