Gold Rush!

I am having a very shiny, golden birthday week. The lovely Trish Milburn phoned me at work this morning with the amazing news that I’m a Golden Heart finalist for best unpublished manuscript in the YA category. (Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!)

If you followed this post on my postal debacle, you’ll understand how much this means to me. Without my dad backing me up, my entry might not have made it to the RWA office in time, so to be among the finalists after all that drama is surreal.

Congratulations to my fellow finalists in the YA field: Amanda Brice, Elizabeth C. Langston, Addison Fox and Shoshana Dawn Brown. I’m told we’re all in for a golden ride until the awards ceremony in July. I’ll be saving all my gold coins so I can make it to Washington, DC.

I’m also soooo happy that my good friends Christine Wells (Historical) and Tina Ferraro (YA) have finalled in the RITA Award for published authors. Both of these mega talents so deserve to be recognised.

What’s your good news for the week?


15 thoughts on “Gold Rush!

  1. OMG!!!! Vanessa – I only just saw Stephanie mention it on the ya loop and I screamed out so loudly that my husband came running in expecting to see a giant spider or something (though seriously, after growing up in QLD it takes more than a giant spider to make me scream!!!)Anyway, I’m sooooo happy for you and yes, I totally remember all the stress you had to get your entry in!!!! I just wish I was going to be there this year to cheer you on!!!!!!!

  2. Ah! I can’t believe I forgot to tell you, Tina–yes, I’m going! So looking forward to meeting you in person!~ V

  3. Hey, Vanessa, congrats again! I know this is a fantastic book. Good luck in the finals. Oh, btw, calling you was my first international call ever. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much, Trish! I was so happy it was you on the other end of the line. I’ll see you in DC and hopefully I’ll be capable of speech by then!~ Vanessa

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