Home Is Where the Arrrgghh Is

Forgive me being a sporadic blogger of late. We’re in the middle of renovating our lovely old terrace house and the place is a shambles. To wit…

This is what our kitchen looked like about about a week ago. Sure, it wasn’t great to start with. We’d bought the place half-renovated.

But if you thought that was bad, take a look at it now. Here’s what it looked like on the weekend. We built a new roof over the old one and now we’re in the process of demolition:

And some day, we hope we’ll end up with this when renovations are complete:

 So what’s keeping you busy at the moment?


3 thoughts on “Home Is Where the Arrrgghh Is

  1. Hi Vanessa, we too have been doing renovations – walk in pantry in the kitchen an a storage room. I didn't take before, during or after shots. Should have. But there's dust everywhere. I've been slowly clean up. You know the huge spring clean from top to bottom. I love the Chateau picture – could you imagine if you had to clean that place? Then again, if you could afford a home that looked like that, you would have others doing the cleaning I bet! :))Hope you keep sane during the renos.

  2. Hi, Eleni! I hear you on the dust. I've never vacuumed so much in my life. Enjoy your new pantry! You can never have too much storage.

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