YA Article Round-Up

A few people have asked me whether YA fiction is all about back-to-school blues, peer pressure, frenemies and, of course, vampires. It’s all that and more. I rounded up a few great articles on the types of stories you can find on the shelves today.

Are angels set to overpower vamps in YA? This Publishers Weekly article answers that question.

Another PW article talks about dystopian YA fiction. What’s dystopian YA fiction? Tales of survival in an oppressive alternate reality. John Marsden‘s Tomorrow series is a good example.

The L.A. Times featured this story which talks about the cross-over appeal YA fiction has for older folks as well as teens.

I’ve recently fallen for historical YA fiction. Anna Godbersen’s luscious Luxe series started it for me. I’ll soon have a review and humungo giveaway of the series on the We Love YA blog, so keep your eyes peeled for that. In the meantime, take a look at this School Library Journal article for a brief overview of historicals for high-schoolers.


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