More Golden Pics!

I’m still decompressing from the Orlando trip. I’ve surfaced briefly in L.A., and as promised, here are a few more pictures from the RWA conference.

The lovely writer and blogger Keira Soleore with Anna Campbell just prior to melting on their Animal Kingdom adventure.

Three Ruby-Slippered Sisters in a row at the Literacy Signing charity event. Shea Berkley, Harlequin author Liz Talley and me.

Shea with Rita Henuber, one of the funniest, warmest people I've ever met and a fellow Ruby Sister.

Katrina Snow on the left and Heather Snow on the right. They're not related by blood but they are my 2010 Unsinkable sistahs. Heather was hunted down by several agents at the conference. One was so taken by her, she offered representation in public!

Nora Roberts! Here she is giving the keynote speech at a luncheon. I got in late and somehow found a table in the front row along with my buddy Beth Langston. For some reason, every photo I took of Nora was blurry. Sorry, Nora!

Canadian author Jacqui Nelson and me showing off our Golden Heart certificates the day before the awards.

That’s all I can squeeze in for today! I’m heading off to the wilderness for a couple of days and won’t have internet access. Even my iPhone will be blacked out! See you on the other side, with more pictures to come.


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