Last Day in L.A.

I have had an enchanting time in the US, first hobnobbing with the literati in Florida and then hanging out with my dad in California. But tonight I head back to Australia, where my hunky hubby and two cats await, and the renovation has progressed from this…

The sorry scene a month or so ago...

…to this…

Ta-da! Okay, there's still a bit to do, but it won't be long before it's all done. The benchtops will be fitted next week, and hunky hubby has been waiting for me to come home and put together the kitchen drawers. We've become masters of interpreting abridged IKEA instructions, so this is actually going to be fun!

The day after I get home, I’m going to the RWAus conference, where Tracey O’Hara and I are presenting a workshop about self-promo on a writer’s budget, plus I’m doing the AV presentation for our awards night. I’m biting my new fake L.A.-style nails.

Lovely two-time RITA nominee Tina Ferraro caused pandemonium when she sent me this link to Meg Cabot’s blog, which features Tina, moi, and my 2010 GH finalists, aka the Margaritas!

A photo of a bestselling author (Meg) taken by another bestselling author (Kelley Armstrong)! That's me on the left, looking numb in the presence of greatness (Meg) and a great dress (Meg's), with the talented Shea Berkley on the other side.

My MargaRita gal Kim MacCarron and me just before the awards ceremony. Kim's pearls tried to make an escape later on but I think we recaptured them all.

I will post more random photos when I get home. I’ve gotta continue packing now. I have stacks of books, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that my bags are each within the 23kg limit.


6 thoughts on “Last Day in L.A.

  1. Your kitchen renovations are coming along beautifully–please continue posting so we can keep on top of this!

    And I was so happy to throw a wrench into one of your last days in the states (or maybe we should say confetti). Yay for you and Meg and Shea!

    And I love the photie (that’s Australian speak, you know!) of you and Kim, too!

    Wonderful memories and happy travels!


    • Hi, Tina! I can’t wait for the day when I’ll be able to make my cup of tea sans a dash of plaster. You’ll have to come over for some Pickwick tea.

      Isn’t Kim gorge? (That’s Aussie speak for ‘gorgeous’!)

  2. The kitchen is almost there, Vanessa. It looks fantastic. You and your hunky hubby are amazing to do all that work by yourselves. I’d be crazy by now.

    Don’t you look adorable standing next to Meg. I feel very short, cause I know what kind of heels I had on for that picture. They were very height enhancing.

    The pic of you and Kim make me miss our Margarita gals. Can’t wait to see everyone again.

    • Hi, Shea! Congrats on your gorgeous new website.

      I thought *we* looked adorable with Meg. I remember your fabbo heels.

      Hunky hubby and I actually have an excellent carpenter who did the hard stuff, like totally rebuild a third of the house. Hubby and I just did most of the kitchen, and now we’re painting. I have to go wash paint out of my hair now.

      Love ya, miss ya!

  3. WHAT a transformation in your kitchen! What benchtops did you go with? We had the granite guy out today to make a template for the bar and coffee nook. They’re installing next weekend! YAY! And Mark is up in the attic right now staring intently at the area where he needs to install the pendant lights. We’re _thisclose_ to being done. Can’t wait.

    • The change is staggering, isn’t it? And you should’ve seen the place *before* we started renovating! We installed black CaesarStone (quartz) benchtops. Best decision ever.

      I’m looking forward to seeing how your bar and coffee nook turn out. The rest of your kitchen looks magnificent. Did you get the pendant lights at IKEA too? That’s where we got our “flying saucer” lights.

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