NaNo Battle Plan

My fellow Ruby-Slippered Sister Elisa Beatty asked Are You Ready for NaNo? a few weeks ago, and that’s when I made my pledge to actually sign up. If  you’re a participant too, buddy up with me here! Tomorrow the writing marathon begins (see previous post) and like any good plotter, I have drafted a plan.

1. The show must go on at the day job, so I have to NaNo around that. After work, I’ll jot a few notes on the train. I’ll cut my leisurely one-hour gym program to an intense half-hour.

2. Shower, get comfy, write!

3. Take a five-minute break to stretch every hour. (I’ve added an Eleventh Commandment to the usual Ten: Thou shalt not spend short break at Facebook, I Can Has Cheezburger, or in front of the TV.)

4. Prepare dinner, or better yet, get dear hubby to prepare dinner and feed cats. Clean up. Write.

5. Fifteen minutes before bedtime, write a few notes about what needs to happen in the next scene. Take care of any urgent emails/business. Load my manuscript onto my iPhone, ready for me to read during my train ride to work.

If I get stuck:

1. Skip the scene I’m trying to write and write another. I’ve just gotta keep moving, and I’m not going to worry about working in a linear fashion.

2. Read what I wrote the previous day. Focus!

3. Do a bit of housework. The operative word being ‘bit’. Fifteen minutes, tops. Some people say to avoid chores at all costs during NaNo, but I find my best ideas come to me when I’m doing mundane things like vacuuming. Plus, I hate writing when the house is messy.

4. Seek moral support from hubby and the cats.

5. If all else fails, float away with Survivor, and then get back on the writing wagon the next day.

Hannibal loves it when a plan comes together. Let's hope my NaNo plan doesn't come unglued.

What’s your NaNo strategy?


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