In Sickness and in Health, I Thee NaNo

Been a tough week in NaNo-land!

Last Wednesday I fell victim to a virus which is still lingering today (Sunday). I wondered if perhaps I’d caught something nasty off my sick manuscript. I managed a bit of longhand over the past few days. I had high hopes of reaching the 40K mark this weekend, but it wasn’t to be. Still, 34,000 ain’t a bad total for three weeks work so far, is it? I see some people have already made it to the 50,000-word target. Regionally, NaNo-ers in Sydney have so far written 12 million words. The collective total for the whole world to date is 1,804,056,207! Amazing stuff.

What I’ve learned this week:

  • The first 1,000 words of the day are the hardest, but post-NaNo, I think I’ll be able to continue writing 1K a day.
  • It’s near impossible to write when you have a humongous headache
  • You can never have enough chocolate, though you can have too much snot. (Sorry.)

NaNo on, everyone!


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