I Love Valentine’s Day…I Love it Not…I Love Valen…

Valentine’s Day–do you love it, dread it, or are you all meh about it?

I may be a writer of teen romance fiction, but I’m all meh about V-Day. I’m not completely unromantic, though. I’d rather hubby and I show each other adoration every day. Commercialisation adds undue pressure to an otherwise ordinary day. I don’t want Mr. Authorness to feel like he has to cave in to the marketing push and buy me chocolates today (but, ahem, I wouldn’t say no to a box of hazelnut Lindt balls or half an acre of red roses). I want him to splurge on chockies and flowers for no reason at all. That’s more romantic to me. But, hey, it’s a good day for florists, chocolatiers, bottleshops and restaurants, right?

Interesting factoids about Valentine’s Day

  • In 1826, two individuals tried to file patents for a handy little invention called the telephone. Both Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray, another inventor, filed on this day, but Bell was awarded the patent first. There is speculation that Bell’s lawyers bribed officials $100 in order to accept his invention before Gray’s.
  • Women in medieval times were said to eat “unusual” food to encourage dreams about their future husbands. I do wonder if eating, say, tempura cockroaches would bring on a nightmare or two instead.
  • Not sure of the source of this information: 15% of American women buy themselves flowers for Valentine’s Day. (And so what? I don’t see anything wrong with thinking you’re worth it.)
  • Couples tend to break up around Valentine’s Day, according to someone I was half-listening to on yesterday’sΒ Sunrise program. I’m wondering if this is because one half of the couple expects to be spoiled or engaged on the day, but if this doesn’t eventuate, it’s a sign their partner just isn’t into them.
  • America’s National Retail Federation expects consumers will spend $12 billion on chockies this Valentine’s Day.

Best ’80s Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

  • Dirty DancingI’d watch this any day. A girl from the right side of the tracks and a boy from the wrong side. Dancing brings them together, but will an overprotective dad tear them apart?
  • Sixteen Candles – Samantha has a rampant crush on Porsche-driving Jake, but he ignores her. As does the rest of her family, who even forget her all-important 16th birthday. I loved Sixteen Candles when I was younger, but now I see Jake is kinda arrogant. Still, he’s a hunk and that’s all that matters in this movie.
  • GhostA tear-jerking romance that shows death can’t get in the way of true love. (Okay, this came out in 1990, but technically, that year belongs to the ’80s decade.)
  • The Princess BrideA simple farm boy, Westley, and farm girl, Buttercup, fall for each other, but the farm boy realises he must make his fortune before he marries her. He sets sail on a quest for treasure but is presumed dead when a pirate attacks his ship. Buttercup is heartbroken and reluctantly agrees to marry a pompous prince, who she wouldn’t give a second glance if Westley were still around…

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Favourite romantic books or movies? Best Valentine’s gift ever?


4 thoughts on “I Love Valentine’s Day…I Love it Not…I Love Valen…

  1. I’m really not into Valentine’s Day either, for all the reasons you mentioned – it really is sort of a silly holiday with way too much pressure attached. However, I can’t really get on my high horse and say it’s been ruined by commercialization, since I quite happily give and receive way too many presents on Christmas πŸ™‚ But at least on Christmas, you don’t have to expect/give romantic presents – I would way rather get some cool pens or a book or some fingerless gloves than chocolates!

    Still, I hope you have a great day – and don’t turn down the flowers if Mr. Authorness shows up with them πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Sara! No flowers for me, but the day is young. I might even buy some for myself!

      Yeah, all that pressure takes all the fun out of Valentine’s Day. I like your gift choices–they’re useful *and* delightful. If I received fingerless gloves, I’d think they were especially handy when eating chockies, though. πŸ˜‰

      I hope you have a fabulous day, too!

  2. Vanessa,
    I’m going to once again post about Somewhere in Time. It was 1980…a very good year for a nice, romantic movie. Sad and tragic, but a love story nonetheless.
    Way past Valentine’s Day, but, oh well. I’m not one for being prompt.

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