Book # 6 – Finished!

I spent a looonnngggg time thinking about it, talking about it, procrastinating over it, writing it, but now my superhero cheerleaders from outerspace book is finished! It’s my sixth book (and fifth YA). I don’t think writing gets any easier, do you? The cheerleaders will spend some time recuperating and then I’ll tackle the interesting part—revision.

In other news, I’m very excited about my friend and agency sistah Sharon Fisher‘s transformation into a published author! As part of a two-book deal, Tor Books (Macmillan) will publish her GHOST PLANET, a romantic sci-fi novel. The book was a finalist in the 2009 and 2010 Golden Heart and it’s fabulous to see it win the ultimate prize. Congratulations, Sharon!!!!!

This Thursday, March 17 (Friday afternoon Aus time), I’ll be blogging at the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood about that old manuscript you have lurking under your bed. I’ve got some ideas about what you can do with it besides using it as a dust-bunny trap.


12 thoughts on “Book # 6 – Finished!

    • Thank you, dear Anna! It was a fun book to write (when I wasn’t tearing my hair out).

      Imagine finding dust bunnies that big under the bed! Come to think of it, I may well have giant dust bunnies under my bed. I don’t really want to look.

      • Not so sure that sounds good, Vanessa! LOL. The getting around part, I mean. Congrats on finishing it! It’s a wonderful story, and I can’t wait to be the first to buy it when it hits the shelves! Fingers crossed for you.
        Don’t you and Erica leave me out of the MargaRITA night in NY! I can’t wait!!!!

        • Hi, Kim!

          I was just thinking about you ’cause I’m looking at things to do when we’re in NYC. How does a visit to a tea salon sound? A civilised daytime activity to offset wild MargarRITA nights?

          Thanks for the good wishes. x

  1. Yay, Vanessa. What an achievement. Good luck with it. If you need a “beta” reader you know I am always here for you with teen reader on tap as well.
    I want your replacement dust bunnies, every one of them!!

    • Thank you so much for your good wishes and your offer, Kandy! I will take you up on it. First I’ll have to do a bit (a lot) of cleaning up so you and your lovely teen don’t run away shrieking.

      Aren’t those kitties adorable?

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