Princess Superstar

Who says the royals don’t have a sense of humour? Princess Beatrice is auctioning the much-maligned Philip Treacy antler…er, hat she wore to Will and Kate’s wedding. The current bid on eBay stands at £8,600.00 and the proceeds to UNICEF and Children in Crisis. I love that Princess Bea has included in her advert some of the Photoshopped pics of the hat that have surfaced, including my favourite, the cat in the hat:

Good onya, Bea, I say. This is one way of turning fashion tragedy into triumph. I actually didn’t mind the rest of her wedding outfit.

In keeping with today’s royal theme, my sister sent me these images of life imitating art:

Did you watch the royal wedding? Which outfits caught your eye? What are your fashion regrets? (Mine — a long brown cardigan that made me look like an Ewok.)


6 thoughts on “Princess Superstar

  1. I was up at 5am East Coast (USA) time to watch the thing. The Princess at my house insisted I do nothing to disturb her beauty sleep–and I succeeded fairly well.

    I loved Kate’s dress. Classy and elegant. Not unlike the dress I wore at my own wedding 🙂

    • Ohh, I’d love to see pictures of your elegant wedding dress, Beth! I adored Kate’s dress. Not over-the-top frou-frou. Very classy. It suited her perfectly.

      The actual wedding was shown live here at a very respectable 8pm, but coverage began hours earlier. My hubby was overseas at the time, so I could watch without getting hints about the football game that was on at the same time. 🙂

  2. I saw the images (Disney vs Royal wedding) in an email this week, and cracked up laughing. Though I wonder when Disney made this, whether they had modeled in on a royal wedding? I did watch the ceremony, though I really didn’t look at the outfits of any one else, and well they were all sitting down.

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