Where the Wild Things Grow

Happy 2013! How did you celebrate the New Year?

Piper Bubbles

A cherry tomato plant unexpectedly sprouted in our little courtyard over the holidays, so my husband was inspired to plant a potager garden around it. He added roma tomatoes, rosemary, basil, Vietnamese mint, common mint, lemon balm, a lime tree, a passionfruit vine, geraniums, capsicums, a chilli plant that we’re sure came from Hades via the local nursery, and a row of Kermit-green conifers. With everything blooming, it’s so lovely to write in the courtyard now. My current manuscript is growing as fast as the garden. Can’t say my book is looking as pretty as the geraniums, though. It contains an abundance of manure. But then, it is a first draft. I can polish and prune this thing in autumn.

Possum took exception to a premature avocado that dropped from our old tree yesterday.

An extreme close-up of gaura. We had tons of these plants when we had a much bigger plot of land in Brisbane.

‘Little Shop of Horror’-style geranium buds.

In totally unrelated news, my cats now have a Twitter account and a blog, P & P Furball Factory. I don’t know how they’ll manage to keep it up because they’re not very good typists, and one has terrible syntax. I guess that’s why they’ve decided to make the blog chiefly pictorial — mostly photos of themselves. Check them out and give them a cyber pat!


2 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Grow

  1. Dearest V, Can I please borrow your husband for a short time so he can install a potager garden in my yard. Just a few days? PLEEASE! I’m delighted to hear about the P&P Furball Factory and their new Twitter account. I’m sure it will involve hard-nosed perspectives on ball chasing, couch sleeping and paw-licking tuna… x

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