Mascarpone and Me

We had some friends over for brunch this morning, and this gave me the chance to use them as guinea pigs for two recipes I found yesterday:

This is the crushed biscuit/almond meal base and the mascarpone and cream filling. Honestly, I wasn’t going to put the base mixture on the sides of the dish because I didn’t think it’d stick…but it did! Cookery miracle right there, everyone.

And this is the finished product — a topping of peaches, strawberries, raspberries and a tiny bit of mint.

I saw these baked egg cups on Pinterest yesterday and had to have a go at making (and eating them). I had an Elaine-from-Seinfeld moment, though (ie. the muffin-top episode). The recipe called for scooping out the flesh of the sourdough buns to make room for the egg. But what to do with the leftover bread? Use them to make breadcrumbs, of course!

Both recipes were easy, easy, easy. The tart was especially good because it involved no baking, which is ideal in this heat and humidity. The guinea pigs were well pleased and offered themselves up for more experimentation. But for now, it’s back to writing for me!


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