Winter Wonderland

Some of you know I’m actually in the Southern Hemisphere, where it’s the middle of summer and it’s so hot that people’s flip-flops are melting. (We call those things thongs here.) But on the northern end of the planet, it’s the middle of winter, and we at the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood are about to kick off our third annual Winter Writing Festival — on January 10 (US time), in fact.

Join us for 50 days of writing, revising, plotting demises and happily-ever-afters — whatever needs to be done to get our manuscripts in shape. Set your own goal, work at your own pace, and you could win prizes (books, gift cards, chockies, etc) for your trouble. We also run a chat room and hold sprints, so you’re not doing this on your own. Register at the dedicated RSSWWF site. Everything you need to know about how the festival works can be found here.

It was 41C (107F) yesterday. My cat wasn’t totally impressed by the ice cube I tried to feed her.
I think she wanted me to build her an igloo instead.


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