Cookie Monster

‘Fraid this is yet another post about my latest kitchen caper. I’m not obsessed with food. Well…maybe just a little.

My workmates and I have been working very hard this past week, so I think we could do with a massive sugar hit. Rather than risk humiliating myself by presenting them with another low-cake, I thought homemade cookies would be my safest bet. I’d planned to use this choc-chip recipe from the Kitchn blog. However, when I picked up Cadbury’s Baking Chips in the grocery shop, I found an easy recipe for double choc-chip cookies conveniently printed on the back.


Mmmmilk and cookies…

My cookies do not at all resemble those depicted on the baking chips packet. Mine are flatter. (Of course, they are!) They’re a lot lighter in colour — maybe because I used Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate Powder instead of Cadbury’s Bourneville Cocoa. Never mind. They’re DELICIOUS. Not too crisp or sickly sweet. I had six seven of them for dinner last night. I’ve made enough to power at least the next three paragraphs of my manuscript and the first half-hour of my day job today.