Fancy Some Fancy Tea?

It’s so important to be surrounded by the right conditions when you’re trying to draft a book. These days, I require low humidity, a temperature of 22C to 23C, cats not sitting anywhere near my lap or keyboard, chocolate, an affogato courtesy of hubby, and an uncluttered brain. I also need the very reasonably priced, very delicious Dilmah Rose with French Vanilla tea*. But today I found that my local supermarket no longer stocks it. Or it has simply run out. Either way, quelle horreur.

So I went across the road to that wonderful tea mecca T2, where I knew they had loose-leaf Madagascan vanilla black tea and also rose bud tea. The total cost was about seven times as much as the Dilmah bags. Gulp. I figure I can get 30 cuppas out of my bulk blend, though…


T2’s Just Rose + Madagascan Vanilla = Yum.

tea basket

Chuck the teas in a basket and brew for three to five minutes.

Image 1

Add a splash of cream and a teaspoon full of sugar.
You don’t have to add either, but I take as much luxury as I can get.

Image 2

Admire your pretty, fragrant tea, then savour every sip.

Check out these sites on brewing the perfect cuppa:

*I am not sponsored by Dilmah or by any other manufacturer/brand mentioned on this blog. 🙂