Lit agent Michelle Humphrey of uber talent agency ICM, who represents my wonderful 2010 Golden Heart sister Jen McAndrews, is offering the chance to win a 10-page critique at the Class of 2k10 blog! (Gosh, what a long sentence!) You’ve got until Sept 14 to enter, so…RUN!

If you’re in Brisbane, the writers festival is happening right now. My girls Anna Campbell and Christine Wells, both historical romance authors, are running a workshop. Those two are a great double act, so go along and see them if you can.

I’m not in Brisbane, so among other things, I’m going to attempt something rather ambitious–making macarons. I had a salty caramel macaron at a Sydney cafe recently and the memory of this sweet morsel continues to linger! Culinary goddess Not Quite Nigella learned how to make them at Baroque Bistro. Check out her experiences here. It looks like a long and drawn-out process, and if I fail, I’ll probably go out and buy some instead. Either way, I shall have my way with macarons this weekend!


More mmmmacarons!